[PD] Space Invaders 4D - Game

Patco megalegoland at yahoo.fr
Sun May 6 18:43:18 CEST 2007

Ben Roberts a écrit :
>> From: Patco 
>> Seriously, could you spell the four dimensions
> Well, scientifically it may be inaccurate, but we were going for the
> Disney-esqe description of 4D, being that the 4th is audience involvement.
> So there's X and Y and Z (making it 3D) with the extra dimension of the
> player within the installation space moving around shooting up at the 3D
> projection. It's only a working title however!
Ah, it's just that.
 I thought that the fourth dimension was involved by something else, for 
example it could have been a random flowing of time (or an expression of 
randomized decaying of particles that are composing the ships), or any 
other kind of dimension that could appear in the game through the two 
dimensions of our screen.
Sorry for being so far from the topic...

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