[PD] Exquisite corpse

Chris McCormick chris at mccormick.cx
Sun May 6 20:10:20 CEST 2007

Hi List,

I realised I will not be able to sleep until I send this idea to the
list, so here goes:

Let's play a composition game. The game is based upon the Surrealist
"exquisite corpse" method
<http://www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exquisite_corpse> and it works like this:

1. Everyone who wants to play will reply to this message off-list. You
will be required to make a Puredata composition around 30 seconds long,
and you will have to do so within 3 days at some point in the next few
weeks. If you can commit to this then go ahead and reply to me.

2. When it is your turn, you will receive a patch with two subpatches in
it, and the name and email address of the person following you. The left
hand subpatch will contain the person before you's work. The right hand
subpatch will be empty. Each work/subpatch is triggered with a bang,
and outputs a bang when it is finished. The composition must work
in pure-puredata (Miller's) to ensure that it will work the same for
everyone involved on all OSes etc. Your mission is to create a work in
the right hand subpatch that goes together with the person preceding
you (e.g. both will have their trigger bang hit at the same time so
they should work together in some way). Whatever style of music and
Pd mechanisms you choose are up to you, as long as your work does not
depend upon any variables from the preceding patch (counters, etc) since
the person after you won't have access to that patch. Once you're done,
you mail it to the next person in the list with your own subpatch moved
from the right hand side to the left hand side, and the next person does
the same thing.

3. At the end everyone will mail me their subpatch and we will string all
of the pieces together, overlapping so that each piece is played twice -
once together with the piece before, and once with the piece after, and
we'll post it back to the pd-list for everyone to hear. Should be fun
and hopefully sound interesting!

Ok, now I can go to sleep. :)




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