[PD] accuracy of signal/message-objects (was: Switch and ramp and accurate timing)

Roman Haefeli reduzierer at yahoo.de
Mon May 7 01:54:16 CEST 2007

hello frank

i don't have a solution at hand, but a feature request (or maybe better:
wishlist) for miller. i noticed by accident, that also other objects
beside [vline~] and [vd~] started to work with more accuracy than one
block in recent versions of pd, e.g [tabwrite~]. 
this is good news, but i think it is on the other hand bad to have
objects, that do work only on block boundaries, where  at the same time
others provide sample or even subsample accuracy. 
it would be very cool, if [snapshot~] and [threshold~] (and maybe
others) would provide sample accuracy as well (when triggered by [metro]
or [del] or the like). there are many applications one could imagine,
which cannot be done or only with much effort and the use of externals
yet, and which could easily be implemented in pd, if *ALL* objects, that
combine signal- and message domain (objects with an signal inlet and
message outlet and vice versa), would work the same (read: would have
sample accuracy). it would turn pd into a more powerful application as
it is now.
your example explains quite well, what the benefits would be........

just my two cent


On Mon, 2007-05-07 at 01:02 +0200, Frank Barknecht wrote:
> Hi,
> hm, unfortunately the "switch and ramp" technique is not usable for
> signals started from clock-delayed messages (as in [vline~]) because
> [snapshot~] is too slow to react. 
> This actually is what I expected, but still: Does anyone have an idea,
> how to "declick" exponential envelope generators with arbitrary
> rise or fall? 
> I mean, how to get rid of the clicks in attached patch but still get
> the (sub-)-sample accurate timing of [vline~] instead of the terrible
> sloppiness of [ead~]?
> Ciao
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