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Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Mon May 7 12:42:37 CEST 2007

David Powers hat gesagt: // David Powers wrote:

> Here you go, just use the tree abstraction and create named nodes for
> every event in your story!
> Note that the nodes are hard coded to send to "master", you'd want
> another "master" receiver for your GEM abstraction to select the image
> which goes with the current node.
> Oh, and of course replace the PD selector patch, which sends random 0
> or 1, with your actual voting mechanism.
> ~David
> On 5/6/07, David Powers <cyborgk at gmail.com> wrote:
> >I think I will try to do a quick prototype and email it to you in
> >15-20 minutes.
> >~David
> >
> >On 5/6/07, Jared <linux at fridaythang.com> wrote:
> >> David,
> >>
> >> Thanks for the reply. That's basically what I want to do. My concern is
> >> that there are around 80 nodes which have to be displayed in specific
> >> if-then sequences (if it's at node 12 and the vote is A, go to node 33,
> >> if the vote is B go to node 37). My understanding of PD means this isn't
> >> *impossible*, it'll just be a bit clunky. If you have any suggestions to
> >> the contrary, I'd love to hear 'em.

I attached another solution to your problem, which may be easier to
extend to 80 nodes, because not much patching is involved, instead you
write a textfile with a definition of your state transitions (because
basically what you seem to long for is just that: a state machine).

The idea is to write a textfile where every line represents a certain
state of your system indicated by the line number. The content of a
line then specifies the possible transitions. 

In the example patch every state has two possible follow-up states
written as numbers. Depending on the choice of a user (0 or 1 in the
example) a new state is selected by selecting either the first or the
second follow-up state and making that the new active state. 

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