[PD] Exquisite corpse

Matteo.sistisette matteo.sistisette at email.it
Tue May 8 16:17:58 CEST 2007

Hey Chris,
I like your idea, though probably I won't have time or inspiration to

However, I think a couple of things need to be clarified for it to work as

1) You should specify the "maximum minimum" version of pd-vanilla required
for playback, that is, the *aximum* version that any patch is allowed to
require as a minimum. That is, if you say for example 0.39, any submitted
patch must be guaranteed to work on version 0.39 or higher. Participants
need to know if they can or cannot use features of 0.40.x that won't work on
previous versions.
And they need to be sure that they are listening to the previous person's
work as it really sounds.
Choosing the latest would ensure compatibility of all submitted patches, but
will oblige all participants to download and install it on their machine.
Choosing a less recent one, would imply some constraints on what people can
do, but will allow more people to participate using the version they
currently own.
Your choice.

2) Some kind of naming scheme should be specified in order to avoid
conflicts and interferences between table/send/receive/value/etc names in
different patches. For example, you may assign an ID to each participant,
and s/he would be obliged to use his/her ID as a prefix to every name s/he

Or on the contrary, you may decide to exploit interferences between patches
as an extra source of fun. Indeed that would make the whole thing more
interesting and justify the concatenation of patches rather than just of wav
files :)
In any case, a convention for ensuring a distinction between "global" and
"user-local" names would be probably good. Or even you may define some
predefined channels for interchanging data with an associated semantic.
Although anarchy is also an interesting territory to explore.

Just thought I would contribute a few ideas, dunnow if they are useful.

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