[PD] unknown audio I/O error (con't!)

Greg Sabo gregsabo at gmail.com
Tue May 8 20:59:56 CEST 2007

Sorry about the last message, Gmail screwed up and send it while I was

as I was saying, whenever I hit "DIO" it outputs the following:

audio I/O error history:
seconds ago        error type
     21.98              unknown
     21.98              unknown
     21.98              unknown

The "seconds ago" increases each time, indicating an error at startup, I
This occurs even if I do a fresh install of Pd.

I think an issue might be that I installed cycling74's Soundflower a little
while ago,
and that might have messed up my system's audio somehow (although I've had
no other issues).
I've uninstalled Soundflower, but I still have the same problem.
What gives?
Thanks in advance!

(P.S. let me know if this has been addressed elsewhere, I'm still green)
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