[PD] PureData Convention logo Contest!!!

darsha hewitt darsha.h at gmail.com
Wed May 9 01:06:33 CEST 2007


L'œuvre ouverte|PureData Convention needs a logo and we want you to make it!

Things to consider:

The logo should embody the theme of the Convention:
L'œuvre ouverte

Here is the logo from the last PD Convention in Graz:

The logo does not necessarily have to be composed of PD objects.
However, if you decide to use the pd interface as inspiration, we are
looking for something that pushes the typical patch aesthetic.

The logo will go on our print material, the website, catalogue and
most cool of all, it will be on the official Convention t-shirt!

What does L'œuvre ouverte mean?
'L'œuvre ouverte' is an idea proposed by Italian philosopher Umberto
Eco. Translated into English it is 'Open Work'.

What do I win if my logo is selected?
You win a new wardrobe!!! You will get one [bang< t-shirt from the 1st
PD Convention in Graz and you will get the official L'œuvre
ouverte|PureData Convention '07 t-shirt with your logo on it!

If you live in the Montréal area you will also receive one free
workshop and membership for Studio XX (valued at $250 CAD) and a
credit up to $500 CAD towards the use of the video-editing suite at

Can I submit more than one logo?

What kind of image do you want?
For initial submissions we are looking for two .png files (one RGB and
one greyscale).  If your logo is selected we will ask you for two EPS

When is the Deadline?
The deadline for submissions is May 18th, 2007

Where do I send my submission(s)
You can either send images or a link to the images to:
darsha at artengine dot ca (you can also send questions that way too).

Good luck people!!

Darsha Hewitt
L'œuvre ouverte|PureData Convention


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