[PD] Bug in Pool?

Thomas Grill gr at grrrr.org
Wed May 9 16:25:02 CEST 2007

Hi Luke,
thanks for the report.
It's a typical buffer overrun (caused by a loooong line of data),  
making quick-and-dirty code choke.
I hope to fix it shortly, please stand by!
greetings, Thomas

Am 09.05.2007 um 04:24 schrieb Luke Iannini (pd):

> Hi Thomas (and list),
> I have run into what appears to be a limitation with [pool], namely
> that it crashes with something around ~780 characters loaded from a
> file as values in a key.
> I ran into this loading a particularly long list in Memento.  I've
> attached a patch and a file from which to load to experience the
> crash.  The file is just a little over the character count needed to
> crash it (it seems to be between 780 and 800?).  It does not seem to
> be a function of the number of elements in the list, but rather the
> length of the text in those elements.  Shorten a few of the values in
> the list and it loads right up.
> I'm also pretty sure this is a per-key limitation, as memento's lddir
> first loads files into /tmp before copying them into the proper key.
> I've used that with a file that was just under the crashing length and
> that worked fine (loaded into two keys).
> I have tested this on both my PPC Mac and my Intel Mac; maybe others
> can check it out too?
> (also to clarify, the problem occurs when loading data from a file;
> data of any length (that I've tried) makes it into the pool without
> issue, and saves without issue)
> Thanks!
> Luke
> <PoolCrash.pd>
> <CoscNearlyAll>

Thomas Grill

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