[PD] pix_record inverting image

Tim Boykett tim at timesup.org
Fri May 11 19:48:41 CEST 2007

Hi all,

  I am using pix_snap and pix_record to get a series of images
with decoration into a video file. This is (surprisingly enough!)
working already, but with one interesting feature: the recorded
videos are vertically inverted! top-bottom exchange...

Hmm, any ideas what that might mean? I am using yesterday's
build for OSX PPC from .hc. The problem seems to lie with
pix_snap: if I connect the input pix_video straight to pix_record,
then it goes through right, gets recorded right, all is well.

  I build a capture with pix_snap.
If I look at the texture coming out of pix_snap by pix_texture-ing it
onto a rectangle, then it looks right.
It just gets turned upside down when it gets recorded.....

Any ideas would be great. No huge loss, I am sure it a simple
post-processing thing to make it look right, but I would like
to know what is going wrong....


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