[PD] converting (hebrew) text to numerical values?

Bryan Jurish moocow at ling.uni-potsdam.de
Sat May 12 00:30:33 CEST 2007

morning Cyrill,

Well, the most elegant way to convert back and forth between numerical
(ASCII-like) values and text is Martin Peach's string patch to the pd
sources (search the PD-dev archives for "string type for pd").  If you
don't feel like going that deep, you can use my [any2string] and
[string2any] externals (in CVS, or from me at
www.ling.uni-potsdam.de/~moocow/projects/pd).  Alternatively, you could
split symbols into single characters using [symbol2list] from zexy, and
then map these to numbers however you want (e.g. with [index] from zexy,
PDContainer, pool, [gfsm_alphabet] from gfsm, etc.)  You can do
character classification (and even substring classification) with python
(in which case you don't really need the string or indexing stuff), or
with a simple finite state transducer (gfsm again), although if you're
just interested in differentiating between consonants & vowels, you're
probably better off just using [route] here...


On 2007-05-11 21:33:29, Cyrill <cduneau at yahoo.com> appears to have written:
> Hi list
> I am willing to set up a patch that could convert letters to numerical values, so i could use
> converted text to send data to other patches (and then produce sound). My problem is that i want
> to work with hebrew, and i want pd to be able to differenciate between consonants and vowels, and
> maybe even to be able to recognize roots within the word. As I am quite a novice concerning pd, I
> have no clue about the most efficient way to convert letters into values, and i dont even know if
> it is possible within pd?
> Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
> Shalom
> Cyrill

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