[PD] Gigaport AG multiple channel output doesn´t work

pony at mrpony.com pony at mrpony.com
Sat May 12 20:50:01 CEST 2007

Hi, this is my first time here, allthough I´ve been searching thru the
archives for solutions many times. Great list, very helpful! Now to my

I´m making a project with a Gigaport AG with 8 analog out´s, and I want to
run all outputs in the same time. On -asio -listdev it says (I only take
the outputs now..):

output devices:
0. Microsoft Soundmapper - Output
1. AudioDevice on USB Bus
2. SoundMAX Digital Audio
3. ASIO DirectX Full Duplex Driver
4. ASIO Multimedia Driver
5. GIGAPort AG ASIO driver
API number 4

The only time it works is when I´m writing -asio -audiooutdev 2 (weirdly
enough, to me it seems as AudioDevice on USB Bus is on 1, but the "0"
counts as the first..) -outchannels 2, then I get 2 channels only. When
I´m trying to write more than 2 channels, or when I´m trying to start
audiooutdev 6 (GIGAPort AG ASIO driver), nothing works. It´s nothing wrong
with the card, as it is working in other applications. I searched for the
problem in other places, and I found one interesting thing, here is what
another guy on a forum writes (it is not specifically about PD, I skip
some unimportant parts, but you get my point..):


"I bought a gigaport AG to use with my laptop. It's a USB to 8 channel
analog device. I could not get it to work with Mixmeister. I could only
get 2 of the 8 channels of the gigaport to work. I posted this question on
the ESI Forum (Gigaport manufacturer.........So, I installed Gigaport per
the directions. It uses ASIO 2.0 Drivers V2.61. Mixmeister only sees
"Gigaport AG" in the audio output selection boxes, as opposed to 8 virtual
outputs (4 stereo)...........It only works from outputs 1 and 2, but
nothing else. Is the gigaport 'application sensitive', in other words,
somehow Mixmeister have to support it? Any suggestions?

And here was their reply: GIGAPort AG can send out 8 audio channels ...

- with applications supporting ASIO when our ASIO driver is installed (= 1
ASIO device for all 8 channels)
- with applications supporting multichannel MME (WDM) when our ASIO driver
is not installed (= 1 wave device for all 8 channels)

GIGAPort AG does not provide separate MME devices as often used by older
Windows 9x/Me compatible audio applications. In case such applications are
used, only 2 channel playback is possible and it would be wise to check if
there is an update of the software available that either supports
multichannel MME devices according to the WDM standard from Microsoft or
-even better- ASIO."


I hope someone could confirm that the Gigaport doesnt work with PD, so I
can find some other solution. Thank you very much/

Simon (Mr Pony).

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