[PD] PDP fails to load

Joseph Barrows jjbarrows at artwww.net
Sat May 12 11:26:38 CEST 2007

I'm having trouble with PDP
"/usr/lib/pd/extra/pdp.pd_linux: /usr/lib/pd/extra/pdp.pd_linux: undefined
symbol: pdp_metro_setup
pdp: can't load library"


I'm using fedora core 6, freshly "yum install pd" and "yum install pd-*"
from planetccrma repositories
give pd 0.39.2
and am impressive list of pd-* things installed (some of which don't load
are things getting in the wrong directories?  i did previously have a
combination on yum and manually installed pd's (trying to be all bleeding
edge ... might stick to yummy stuff now)

Joseph Barrows
live video performance; web site design; new media artist
jjbarrows at artwww.net
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