[PD] Zero delay feedback, with settable send?

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Sun May 13 13:44:45 CEST 2007

Kim Taylor hat gesagt: // Kim Taylor wrote:

> Thanks that was a well written explanation, it makes much more sense now.
> I read the help for [block~] about the catch~/throw~ 'weirdness'.
> And although it says...
> "Patches using send~/receive~ or throw~/catch~ to intercommunicate must
> have the same blocking..."
> ...If I create a patch with [throw~ X] and [catch~ X] and [block~ 4]
> (all in the *same* patch, so presumably with the *same* blocking) 

Blocking is always done "per canvas", that is, a [block~ X] in a
subpatch will reblock that subpatch and all its siblings, however it
will not reblock the surrounding parent patch. In the patch you've
posted, you have two subpatches both with [block~ 1], but the
surrounding patch still has the default 64-blocksize. If you try to
send something between the two subpaches, they kind of have to pass
through the land of [block~ 64] and that's something, Pd seems to

> I still get an output saying "error: throw~ test: vector size
> mismatch" How bizarre and frustrating!

Is that maybe with a [dac~] or [adc~] in the same patch area? It's not
possible to reblock parts of the patch that contain these objects.

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