[PD] Zero delay feedback, with settable send?

Kim Taylor kimoni at gmail.com
Sun May 13 19:39:46 CEST 2007

> Blocking is always done "per canvas", that is, a [block~ X] in a
> subpatch will reblock that subpatch and all its siblings, however it
> will not reblock the surrounding parent patch. In the patch you've
> posted, you have two subpatches both with [block~ 1], but the
> surrounding patch still has the default 64-blocksize. If you try to
> send something between the two subpaches, they kind of have to pass
> through the land of [block~ 64] and that's something, Pd seems to
> dislike.
> > I still get an output saying "error: throw~ test: vector size
> > mismatch" How bizarre and frustrating!
> Is that maybe with a [dac~] or [adc~] in the same patch area? It's not
> possible to reblock parts of the patch that contain these objects.

I thought of that.. I created a very simple patch with everything
block~ 1, nothing connected...
As soon as the program opens it gives errors.

It seems to me that throw~/catch~ at blocksizes other than 64 acts
weirdly, which is an awful shame because it was almost perfect for my

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#N canvas 185 276 462 312 12;
#X obj 275 98 block~ 1;
#N canvas 0 0 470 320 apple 0;
#X obj 331 78 block~ 1;
#X obj 44 87 catch~ apple1;
#X obj 41 165 throw~ apple1;
#X restore 64 81 pd apple;

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