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darsha hewitt darsha.h at gmail.com
Mon May 14 18:04:17 CEST 2007

Hi guys,

Anyone here ever teach pd or other FOSS programmes remotely?
Aalex and I are working on a pilot project with two artist-run centres in
Canada to see what works best for teaching pd at a distance.

We have had one in person session with the students (who are mainly visual
artists) and we are now under way with the remote part of it all.  We have
set up an irc channel (#pd-prairies), a mailing list (
pd-prairies at lists.artengine.ca )and we are having them contribute to a wiki
(all of which they seem relatively to be comfortable with).

Anyone here ever use any FOSS software to facilitate teaching/ learning at a
distance?  We turned to skype for the first remote session but obviously ran
into issues with the we visual side of things (we ended up sounding like
robots when the web cam was in use so in the end we only used
voice...collective blind patching is an interesting experience ;-)

We will be writing a report at the end of the project for those of you who
are interested.



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