[PD] Realtime-version of I07.phase.vocoder.pd

Damian Stewart damian at frey.co.nz
Tue May 15 17:12:57 CEST 2007

Luigi Rensinghoff wrote:

> Thats exactly what i mean..
> a variable realtime-time-expansion ;-)

i had a pretty thorough dig through I07.phase.vocoder a few months back. 
what you'd basically need to do is something along the lines of using 
[tabwrite~] to write the audio signal in to $0-sample, banging it at the 
end of the table to make it start recording from the beginning again. you'd 
also need something monitoring the current position (use [r location] to 
receive the current position), making it jump back to the start when it hit 
the end.

attached is my [d-pvocst~] which is a hacked up version of the help version 
that a) plays in stereo (with additional logic for dealing with mono files) 
and b) automatically loops between adjustable start and end sample numbers 
in the input arrays. it should be fairly easy to rig it up to tabwrite~ a 
live audio stream in to $0-sample-l and $0-sample-r in the way i described 


Damian Stewart

f r e y
live music with machines
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