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Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Wed May 16 09:27:07 CEST 2007

jkling at fridaythang.com hat gesagt: // jkling at fridaythang.com wrote:

> So as I was saying, the 'next possible state transition' boxes seemt to
> lag behind the current state. By placing an extra [del 10] inlet to send
> each choice twice, this upates the next possible states correctly.

Just a note: What actually should be changed with my patch is the
order, in which messages are triggered and their number. For this you
should use [trigger] or [t ...] , and not [delay]. [del] may
have a similar result in this case, but [del] should be used for
timing things, not for ordering things.

> However, it requires an initial message of '0' to [t b a] to initialize
> the rest of the state machine to the proper location on the list. Then,
> each subsequent choice can be made from the radio toggle.
> This becomes problematic because I would like to use the next possible
> state transitions to display the voting choices. However, using the
> workaround of [del 10] to send the choice twice means that the display for
> the next possible state transition is actually changing twice (albiet very
> quickly). I can imagine another hack-ish workaround involving a toggle to
> allow or prevent the message being passed from the next possible state
> transition(s) to the display, but I'd rather not have to do that if it's
> not necessary.

Yep, the real solution should be a different triggering. The left part
of the patch now does the choice by looking up an element in a list of
choices by position. The choice is send to the right part, which looks
up a new pair of possible choices and sends it back to the left part,
using [list]'s cold inlet to just store the choice. 

Displaying the choices also is done in the right part of the patch.

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