[PD] Looping samples with tabread4~

Mikael Gunnerås m.gunneras at bredband.net
Wed May 16 19:58:39 CEST 2007

Maybe I haven’t looked hard enough but I just haven’t been able to find
any examples on building a sample playback engine  that will allow for
sample-start, loop-start and loop-end positions to be set. The question
is what would be the easiest way to achieve this.
I have been thinking about ways to achieve the sample clock driver but
since I’m new to PD perhaps my thinking is too complex.
My ideas have been:
1.	Should I try generating the sample clock driver using two
phasor~ objects where one phasor~ handles sample-start ‘til loop-end and
let the other one (loop-start ‘til loop-end) kick in once the first one
has completed it’s first and single run.
2.	Perhaps using a vline~ for the first part instead of a phasor~
3.	Simply using one phasor~ object and offsetting the start value
of it’s second cycle to the loop-start position
4.	Simply using a vline~ object and “loop it” with a different
start position the second time onwards.
I suppose I would have to use the samphold~ object to make the shift
between phasor~ or vline~ or just to offset the start position of a
phasors~ second cycle.
Any ideas or examples on how to best achieve this would be more than
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