[PD] best way to wrap opencv library for noob

nosehair911 at bellsouth.net nosehair911 at bellsouth.net
Thu May 17 15:43:00 CEST 2007

I am trying to get an FTIR setup going and I need a good motion tracker for os 10.4.9.  I cant get gridflow 
to compile, I love the pix_multiblob but its way to cpu hungry so I decided to write my own.  I have never 
programed in C nor have I ever read any manuals but I'm willing to try.  My question is do I need to know 
C before hand or can I get away with reading this:
BTW I am not starting from scratch, if that were so I would never try this.  I am trying to go the opencv 
route and wrap these for Pd:
Anothe question is would it be easier to try to write it as a standalone external or as part of Gem like a 
pix_cvBlobs object?  Where can I find information on developing for Gem like the externals how-to?

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