[PD] best way to wrap opencv library for noob

chris clepper cgclepper at gmail.com
Thu May 17 16:25:19 CEST 2007

I would suggest you try to modify pix_multiblob for better performance.
This will get you familiar with C++, pixel processing, and how GEM is
written.  Also, and perhaps most important, you would learn what makes code
fast or slow.

The first clues for why pix_multiblob takes for ever to process are that it
uses floating point processing and makes function calls inside the
processing loop.

AS far as 'wrapping' OpenCV the most basic method would be to build a lib
and make calls to it for all of the processing.  I don't think that will
necessarily be very efficient though.

Since you are a novice programmer you might also find a CV/tracking
application that uses OSC or other network protocol to communicate with Pd.

On 5/17/07, nosehair911 at bellsouth.net <nosehair911 at bellsouth.net> wrote:
> I am trying to get an FTIR setup going and I need a good motion tracker
> for os 10.4.9.  I cant get gridflow
> to compile, I love the pix_multiblob but its way to cpu hungry so I
> decided to write my own.  I have never
> programed in C nor have I ever read any manuals but I'm willing to
> try.  My question is do I need to know
> C before hand or can I get away with reading this:
> http://iem.at/pd/externals-HOWTO/
> BTW I am not starting from scratch, if that were so I would never try
> this.  I am trying to go the opencv
> route and wrap these for Pd:
> http://opencvlibrary.sourceforge.net/cvBlobsLib
> Anothe question is would it be easier to try to write it as a standalone
> external or as part of Gem like a
> pix_cvBlobs object?  Where can I find information on developing for Gem
> like the externals how-to?
> Thanks,
> Alain
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