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Roman Haefeli reduzierer at yahoo.de
Thu May 17 17:36:56 CEST 2007

hi cristiano

welcome to the pd-world ;-)

On Thu, 2007-05-17 at 11:38 -0300, cristiano figueirÿfffff3 wrote:
> Hi all! I'm new to pd and have 2 basic questions:
> 1) I understand the concept of "abstraction", but when i use them in
> my patchs they don't work. Even with abstraction and patch saved into
> the same directory...what i'm missing?

let's say you made an abstraction called 'myabs.pd', that is located in
the same directory, where that main patch is located. now, when editing
your main patch, you should be able to instantiate an object called
[myabs]. if the surrounding box of the object [myabs] gets dashed, and
you see an error in the pd window:

... couldn't create

that means, that pd couldn't find your abs [myabs] (which probably
means, that it is NOT in the same directory as your main patch, e.g if
you didn't save your main patch yet).
if you don't see that error nor dashed lines, then everything is ok from
pd's point of view. 
so, what exactly makes you think, that it does not work?

> 2) In sampling with "soundfiler" object, i cannot acess my samples,
> even adressing their directories in "startup" and "paths", what's
> missing?

soundfiles (or any other file besides pd-files) are not searched in  the
searchpaths by pd. that means you have to specify the filenames with the
path like '/home/yoyo/mysoundfile.wav'. you could alternatively use
relative paths (relativ to your patch). when your soundfile is located
in the same location as your patch, then you can just use
note: as long as you didn't save your patch, the path of your patch is
the same as the path of the pd start location. 


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