[PD] cross platform HID event server

altern altern2 at gmail.com
Fri May 18 13:04:31 CEST 2007


We have put together a cross platform python-pygame based basic HID 
event server. It listens to HID events and sends out OSC messages with 
the following format
("/hid", [ 'buttonup', joystickID, button])
("/hid", [ 'hatmotion', joystickID,, hat, value ])
etc ... check the documentation included for more details

The python source code, windows and mac standalone versions and 
documentation can be downloaded from
http://ixi-software.net/backyard   > subsection "Python"

Mouse events have not been implemented, maybe this would be a good idea? 
it is dead easy to do, just few lines. Default IP and port are localhost 
and 57120 (it was developed for Supercollider because there is no HID 
support there) but they can be assigned from command line.

In the case of PD there is already HID but as far as i understand it is 
not fully crossplatform, so we thought this server could be handy in 
some cases where crossplatform support is crucial.

Dependencies for running the source code -not the standalone versions- 
are pygame and simpleOSC (again in Python section of 
http://ixi-software.net/backyard )

please email us for feedback, ideas or problems.


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