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Fri May 18 18:24:41 CEST 2007

hi Kyle!

Kyle Klipowicz(e)k dio:
> Very nice undertaking! I'm really appreciating Pd video players of
> late, since I'm working a lot more with video and GEM.
> But here is a suggestion: please reference your files using the
> namespace conventions a la [ehu/cam] etc. This makes it easier to use
> right from the extracted folder without altering paths. I like to test
> abstractions often by downloading them to my desktop and running them,
> without the process of copying them to my in-path directory or
> altering my setup. Plus, if one wants to delete a set of objects from
> a directory filled with other libraries, it is very difficult to 'seek
> and destroy.' The namespace convention of separate directories with
> unique names allows quick ability to do this. Primarily, if you are
> teaching Pd to newbies who only get a few hours to grasp it, it would
> be great to cut out the whole -path -lib thing and just give them
> Pd-extended and let them rip at it!

i see... i have never done something in this direction using PD so I am 
discovering how to deal with namespaces, etc... And yes the idea is to 
make its use as transparent as possible. thanks for the tip

> Also, the xgroove~ object is not working for me on
> Pd-0.39.2-extended-rc2 (OS X 10.4.9), so this makes it hard to use the
> object. I appreciate what it appears that you are doing upon
> inspection of the patch though: load audio and video separately and
> playing them in unison, for a nice manipulation opportunity. Very
> cool!
> But I would offer a word of caution about that too, since I see you
> have some hardwired 44100's in there. It would be best to use
> [samplerate~] to get this value from the running instance of the
> patch. Then it is assured to sound the same across multiple machines
> with multiple different audio interfaces.

i know, i took this direction because i had a deadline  for this, 
students needed it for next week, and xgroove~ is what i use mostly to 
play around with samples. I would like to develop a better solution for 
the sound part, I saw a previous post about this issue
maybe this would be a better direction to go?

> I hope these suggestions helped!

indeed they help. many thanks!


> ~Kyle
> On 5/18/07, altern <altern2 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> sorry i think i misused the work external, i think abstraction is the
>> word for this as we dont use any C extension but just PD objects.
>> altern(e)k dio:
>> > hi all
>> >
>> > For few days I have been working on this external set of patches that
>> > creates a layer over Gem to manipulate video. It is thought to be used
>> > by people that dont know but very basic PD. So be aware that it is very
>> > simple. This is just a first usable sketch we hope to improve later.
>> >
>> > http://ixi-audio.net/content/download/ehu_external.zip
>> >
>> > Let me contextualise where this idea comes from. This project 
>> started as
>> > a request from the University of the Basque Country, they run a 3 month
>> > long module about *basic* interactive systems. In this module students
>> > learn very different basic stuff about sensors and constructing
>> > installations, hacking mouses and keyboards mainly. Up to now they have
>> > never used computers, just a bit with Director.
>> >
>> > Teachers from this department were very interested on exploring the
>> > possibilities opened by tools like PureData or MAX/MSP. They liked more
>> > PD because it is free software. However they were concern with the fact
>> > that the way the course is structured right now, they dont have enough
>> > time to introduce students properly to PureData.
>> >
>> > At this point they came with the idea to develop a set of patches that
>> > would let students experiment with video manipulation in PD providing a
>> > very basic knowledge of PD. By basic knowledge i mean around just 4
>> > hours long crash course on PD.
>> >
>> > At the moment we have been developing some patches that are put 
>> together
>> > into this external. In the future we want to plug this with pduino as
>> > well as develop and improve all of it, the current version should be
>> > considered a first usable sketch.
>> >
>> > we hope this might be interesting for other institutions or 
>> individuals.
>> > Any kind of feedback is more than welcome.
>> >
>> > enrike
>> >
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