[PD] Realtime-version of I07.phase.vocoder.pd

Luigi Rensinghoff luigi.rensinghoff at freenet.de
Sun May 20 01:28:24 CEST 2007

Hi list...

i am working on this right now. And since i never really had a deep  
look into all the tabread-thingies, some questions came up.

Just to give you a quick sketch of my approach:

I used the I07-patch and i am working with two of them (each 1  
second) so i can swap from one to another.

I have two 8 second tables that record the live signal from a vd~.

So here my questions, just in case someone found a solution for that  
(i am sure you did ;-) )

1) How to avoid clicks when the whole contents of a table is replaced/ 
updated. I tried something with vline....are there some "zero- 
crossing" modules for that ?

2) It seems to be possible to replace the contents of a table (the  
beginning) while playing the later contents of it. Is it possible to  
replace just a portion of a table without overwriting until the end ?

      the whole patch becomes somewhat unstable because of the  
graphics-display, any idea for a workaround ?

3) if i have a quite fast running number (index). "select" seems to  
be to slow or unstable in any way quite unreliable. i made a  
workaround with moses and ">" ...not very elegant.

after cleaning up i will post the patch

bye luigi

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