[PD] simple external for video with Gem

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Sun May 20 11:24:13 CEST 2007

Kyle Klipowicz hat gesagt: // Kyle Klipowicz wrote:

> But here is a suggestion: please reference your files using the
> namespace conventions a la [ehu/cam] etc. This makes it easier to use
> right from the extracted folder without altering paths.

Sorry, I don't think, a directory-prefix must be used in the help-file
for an abstraction itself.



If have /mypath in -path and -helppath, I can use both [footils/org]
and [org] in my helpfile org-help-pd

However if I add /mypath/footils/ to -path and -help-path instead of
/mypath because "/mypath/footils" is my favourite library and I always
want to use it without directory prefix or importing, then the
helpfile cannot use [footils/org] anymore: "couldn't create". Of
course it can still use [org] like any other patch.

Some ways out: 

 * add a [declare -path ..] to all your help files (somehow ugly)
 * add a [import footils] to all your help files (less ugly, but also
 less flexible because it creates a requirement for an external.

 * force users to "install" your abstractions by copying them to 
 somewhere in -path/-helppath (somehow unfriendly and uncomfortable
 especially for quick testing and besides: /usr/lib/pd/extra on Linux
 is read-only for normal users)  

 * don't use directory-prefixes within the help-files. 

I chose to not use directory-prefixes in helpfiles, it's the most
simple approach, and simple is good IMO.

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