[PD] oggcast~ problems under osx

peter sinclair petesinc at nujus.net
Thu May 24 17:18:56 CEST 2007

Some people on this list already know about or are taking part in the  
Locus sonus streamed open microphone project see:  http://locusonus.org

All people running our streaming patch on OSX seem to be having the  
same problem, (see message below) although the amount of time before  
a freeze seems to vary considerably - anywhere between a few hours  
and a few days- , which would seem to indicate some kind of memory  
leak within the oggcast~ object  does anyone have any ideas about this?

The same patch running under ubuntu or dynabolic woks perfectly...

I havn't included the patch with this message since it contains  
access codes to our serveur, however if someone wants it to run tests  
or indeed to take part in this project (We now have a new icecast  
server with unlimited bandwidth and are inviting people to set up  
more streams around the world). please email us : support at locusonus.org

Peter Sinclair

> From: marc_mcnulty <tone at earphone.org>
> Date: 24 mai 2007 00:18:05 HAEC
> To: locustream at locusonus.org
> Subject: [locustream] problem with pd patch in OS X
> Reply-To: locustream at locusonus.org
> Hello,
> I have updated to the latest version of PD-extended and the latest
> Locusonus patch, but the patch will run for a few hours then freeze
> pushing the CPU to about 80% (just with the patch).  When I restart
> PD all is well for a few more hours.
> I am running PD and Locusonus on a PPC G4 Mac with 1 gig of RAM and
> plenty of drive space.  The OS X version is: 10.4.9
> Does anyone have the same problem?  Is there a possible fix?  Am I
> overlooking something?
> Thank you,
> Marc

Peter Sinclair
petesinc at nujus.net

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