[PD] oggcast~ problems under osx

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Fri May 25 06:26:12 CEST 2007

Hey Peter,

I don't have specific knowledge of this problem, but I can say that  
it would be quite hard to track down with this amount of info.  If  
you can describe a reliable way to cause this crash, preferreably in  
the form of a Pd patch, it would be much easier to fix.

This would be a good thing to file in the bug tracker, so that people  
can add their info to it:



On May 24, 2007, at 11:18 AM, peter sinclair wrote:

> Some people on this list already know about or are taking part in the
> Locus sonus streamed open microphone project see:  http:// 
> locusonus.org
> All people running our streaming patch on OSX seem to be having the
> same problem, (see message below) although the amount of time before
> a freeze seems to vary considerably - anywhere between a few hours
> and a few days- , which would seem to indicate some kind of memory
> leak within the oggcast~ object  does anyone have any ideas about  
> this?
> The same patch running under ubuntu or dynabolic woks perfectly...
> I havn't included the patch with this message since it contains
> access codes to our serveur, however if someone wants it to run tests
> or indeed to take part in this project (We now have a new icecast
> server with unlimited bandwidth and are inviting people to set up
> more streams around the world). please email us :  
> support at locusonus.org
> Thanks
> Peter Sinclair
>> From: marc_mcnulty <tone at earphone.org>
>> Date: 24 mai 2007 00:18:05 HAEC
>> To: locustream at locusonus.org
>> Subject: [locustream] problem with pd patch in OS X
>> Reply-To: locustream at locusonus.org
>> Hello,
>> I have updated to the latest version of PD-extended and the latest
>> Locusonus patch, but the patch will run for a few hours then freeze
>> pushing the CPU to about 80% (just with the patch).  When I restart
>> PD all is well for a few more hours.
>> I am running PD and Locusonus on a PPC G4 Mac with 1 gig of RAM and
>> plenty of drive space.  The OS X version is: 10.4.9
>> Does anyone have the same problem?  Is there a possible fix?  Am I
>> overlooking something?
>> Thank you,
>> Marc
> Peter Sinclair
> petesinc at nujus.net
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> http://locusonus.org
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