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Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Fri May 25 23:58:11 CEST 2007

On May 25, 2007, at 9:28 AM, victor wrote:

> Hi, I love pd :) but after many years from its creation, why some  
> times it seem a casd's castle?
> http://teacher.scholastic.com/max/castle/img/cardcast.jpg
> After to read in that list the tipical question "pix_video don't  
> work". I'm thinking about pd
> do you think that gem is a mature proyect for video creation? why  
> not? why the evolution is slow? or simply why there are not a   
> object for to save pretty videos in open formats? (same asks for pdp).

A lot of the time, the code is there, it's just hard to package it  
into something that works for everyone.  There are a lot of patent  
issues with the various codecs, and some of the libs can be difficult  
to work with.

> Maybe the extended version is a valuable effort for to have a open  
> platform for creatives.

My main goal with the Pd-extended was to make a common platform to  
distribute all of the great code for Pd.  By having a standard  
platform across all OS's, it means that we can all spend less time  
setting up Pd and wrestling with different configurations.  It is not  
meant to be a branch at all.  For example, it would be pretty  
straightforward to make a desiredata-extended, which would have all  
the same libs, but installed into desiredata instead of Pd.  The  
bottom line is that Pd-extended is a distro, not a branch/fork.  Like  
Debian is a distro of many packages, and you can use many different  
kernels with that distro (Linux, FreeBSD, HURD).

> Then which is the sense of desiredata? (https://devel.goto10.org/ 
> desiredata)

AFAICT, desiredata is focusing on the editing environment rather than  
new libraries or functionality to the language.  They have a bunch of  
interesting ideas that could make patching much more fluid and  


> summarizing: Which is the next future of PureData
> thanks
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