[PD] puredata evolution

Thomas Mayer thomas at dergrossebruder.org
Sat May 26 12:32:17 CEST 2007

marius schebella wrote:
> To me it seems there is not really a clear direction of what Pd should 
> be. Speaking as a user I only can speculate, but most probably none of 
> the people who have contributed Pd code have ever agreed on a certain 
> featurelist of a final version. Or whether there should be a v 1.0 at all.

Especially in free software, numbering is quite different from
proprietary software. Just think of anything without RC or testing or
unstable or experimental in the version as a reliable version despite of
its numbering. And read changelogs before updating the software, but
that applies to proprietary software as well (but with free software
it's usually easier to go back to former versions as there tend to be
older versions around somewhere).

> btw. it is too late for this year's prix ars electronica, but since 
> there is a category "digital community" Pd definitely should go for that 
> next year...

That's definitely an option. How about collecting ideas for the
appliance in a wiki starting now?

cu Thomas
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