[PD] puredata evolution

nick weldin nick at paddingtonarts.org.uk
Sat May 26 16:56:14 CEST 2007

Maybe  someone could make a pd patch to dynamically calculate this so 
that we can be sure to be ready for the arrival of ver1.0  ;)

>Taking into account that Pd was started around 1996, assuming a
>version number of 0.00 then, it now has reached 0.41 in 2007 and thus
>will reach 1.0 in 2022.
>A different calculation is less optimistic: As the current speed of
>version numbers is about 0.01 per annum, it will take another 59 years
>to reach 1.0, which is 2066.
>Or Pd may do as Ardour did: Just jump from 0.9999... to 2.0 and leave
>out 1.0 entirely.

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