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Sun May 27 21:54:41 CEST 2007

On 5/27/07, Jaime Oliver <jaime.oliver2 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Chris, thanks for your response
> Well, color definition is important since the project i am working on
> involves color tracking (two mallets one blue one red), so some
> resolution is necessary to achieve that. they are between 1.5 and 2.5
> meters away from the camera. the camera i have been using is a 3ccd
> canon 1080p30, but i am digitizing the svideo output to 320x240 for
> the actual tracking.

With resolution that low you could switch to an interlaced DV camera and use
60 720x240 fields per second.  Certain capture cards under directShow will
do this.

so i think i am looking for at least 720p60.

JVC makes HDV cams that run at that but I don't know if the cheaper
'prosumer' ones do it.  Panasonic P2 camera does that I believe and that
camera is just over $5k.

so... what are the lowcost 1080p60 cameras you mention? how good is
> their color resolution?

Oh they aren't low cost.  The lowest cost one is about $30k and increase
from there.  Most of these aren't video cameras but 'digital film' cameras
so their resolutions are more like 2048x1536 (which SDI_HD supports).  These
are all bleeding edge and quite rare.

About PCI cards, i'll check AJA and BlackMagic, I think i'll have to
> stick with them since so far they are the ones with least latency and
> your comment confirms my experience. I was using a pinnacle card and a
> hauppauge card, do you know these? do you know if AJA and blackmagic
> are better?? these two are old cards so i suppose more recent ones
> should be faster...

AJA and BlackMagic are professional capture cards and they are not that
cheap.  The standard resolution cards are almost $1kUSD and the HD ones are
over that amount.  The HD ones have a bit more latency.

Have you tried turtle beach??


> this is the only external card i found with low latency, but didn't
> get to measure precisely how much difference this had compared to the
> PCI cards.
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