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Zeitler Andreas azeitler at zettt.de
Mon May 28 09:41:51 CEST 2007


I have some newbie questions about Pd. I wanted to write a Patch  
which is based on this one (maybe):
The mentioned Sample Player has 2 Sliders which control the Start-/ 
End-Loop position which is the exact thing what i was looking for.

What i want to do:
I want to make a patch, a sample player. When i press a button i want  
to loop the actual sample position according to the key i have pressed.

I give you an example. I load a loop which is 120 BPM fast. I set  
somewhere my tempo. When i press "a" it starts looping 1/4th at the  
actual play position.

For this sort of thing. The Sample Player seems to be perfect. But  
now there are the difficulties.

- How can i set the tempo right? I figured out how to calculate the  
tempo for any note length.
- How can i get my keyboard entries into the software?
- And lust but not least. How can i get the Patch to act how i would  

I know...dumb question you know too. But maybe there is someone who  
knows an answer.

Many, many thanks.


Zeitler Andreas

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