[PD] sample playing

Zeitler Andreas azeitler at zettt.de
Tue May 29 09:39:04 CEST 2007

> Attached is a slightly different sampler, actually not a sampler
> itself, but a tutorial on how to build your own sampler.
>> What i want to do:
>> I want to make a patch, a sample player. When i press a button i want
>> to loop the actual sample position according to the key i have  
>> pressed.
>> I give you an example. I load a loop which is 120 BPM fast. I set
>> somewhere my tempo. When i press "a" it starts looping 1/4th at the
>> actual play position.
>> For this sort of thing. The Sample Player seems to be perfect. But
>> now there are the difficulties.
>> - How can i set the tempo right? I figured out how to calculate the
>> tempo for any note length.
> If you work through attached tutorial, maybe some of the neccessary
> calculations (as: duration(smps) => duration(msec) etc.) become  
> clearer.

Thanks Frank,

That did help very much!

I have not used the tutorial so far to build my own sampler. But i  
found some way to figure out how the mentioned loop sampler works.
It does the job very well by now, in some point of view.

When i press a key (maybe "a") it sets the loop in point the actual  
play position and according to that the out point to lets say, 1/16th  
note behind that.
But it takes 1 time until the playhead reaches again the in point  
until the sample really starts looping. Maybe i should start building  
from scratch.

You were a great help! Thansk again
Andreas Zeitler

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