[PD] Actually it does work ( xset -r ) RE: Behavoir of [keyup] in Linux

Atwood, Robert C r.atwood at imperial.ac.uk
Tue May 29 15:15:21 CEST 2007

I said:
>  It does not work on the computer where I am sitting 
.. But actually it does work, i.e.  X clients on that display no longer
receive key repeats after an xset -r is issued on any session whose
DISPLAY is the X server that I am looking at here. The PuTTy terminal
window is not a X client so it's keyboard events are coming from
somewhere else. 

It seems to work for PD runnign on the Linux machine while I am logged
in, in this way (looking at the behaviour of the right-click 'help' from
the 'key' object found in lib/pd/doc/5.reference) and also
'keybin-help.pd' posted to the list. It's a property of the 'display',
not the machine or the shell session, however. 

I think you could not easily have another program running in which key
repeates ARE active; unless it's on another display; also if the program
bypasses the X and gets its keystrokes from the kernel directly,
probably it would not work as expected.

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