[PD] Pd and Edirol UA-25

Bryan Jurish jurish at ling.uni-potsdam.de
Tue May 29 19:31:40 CEST 2007

moin Ede, moin list,

Well, I'm successfully running both MIDI and audio off the UA-25, also
on debian (mostly) etch, and a ThinkPad T42...

First of all, don't use OSS (emulation) -- I've had no luck here with
the UA-25 in "advance mode" and Pd; as you say, probably due to 24-bititude.

Do you have an ~/.asoundrc defined, and if so, what's in it?  If you're
choosing from the pd "Audio Settings" menu, grab the "UA-25 (plug-in)"
entries, rather than one of the "hardware" entries.  Also, I've had to
run pd with the "-rt" switch (which required getting realtime
capabilities patches working: urgh) when using ALSA directly, otherwise
I get audio pops and eventual "tried but could not sync" errors.  fyi, I
run pd here with:

moocow at binky:~$ cat `which pd-ua25.sh`
( pd -rt -r 48000 -alsa -channels 2 -audiodev 6 "$@" & )
( sleep 5 ; aconnect-usb2pd.perl; jack-chrt.sh )

... where "aconnect-usb2pd.perl" does some magic with 'aconnect', and
the (badly named) 'jack-chrt.sh' messes around with some scheduling

Important to note:
- pd's sample rate should probably match whatever you've chosen on the ua-25
- use alsa.
- for me, "-audiodev 6" is the 6th entry in the drop-down list of audio
devices I get with the ua-25 plugged in (under normal circumstances),
labelles "UA-25 (plugin)".

good luck,

On 2007-05-29 14:35:50, Ede Cameron <ecameron at videotron.ca> appears to
have written:
>    After reading on the list about Edirol UA-25 I went out and got  
> one on run on Debian. I can get sound when running in standard mode  
> or midi in advanced but can't get both. I read on the list that some- 
> one is running both midi and sound. Problem is the UA-25 seems to  
> force 24bit in advanced mode which Pd won't run at or is there a way  
> to get around this.
>     Debian Etch
>     Power Book 1.5
>     Edirol UA-25?

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