[PD] Pd and Edirol UA-25

Ede Cameron ecameron at videotron.ca
Wed May 30 16:43:23 CEST 2007

  No I didn't create an /.asoundrc. Am reading about that now. Its  
part of the Alsa-Wiki.
There is also a blurb about connecting midi to Pd in the same Wiki. I  
hope this works out
The idea of building a new kernel is I must say daunting. Anyway if I  
know with a bit of work
I can get this up and running then okay. In response to the other  
email the card is working
fine for basic things playing back wavefiles at different sample  
rates etc and is listed
named in alsa.conf etc. The only thing that doesn't work is midi I  
can open pd with the -alsa commnand
running in advanced mode at 44100hz no higher.(fine by me) but the  
alsa midi won't connect
(client 128) I'll look at that today.

On 29-May-07, at 1:31 PM, Bryan Jurish wrote:

> moin Ede, moin list,
> Well, I'm successfully running both MIDI and audio off the UA-25, also
> on debian (mostly) etch, and a ThinkPad T42...
> First of all, don't use OSS (emulation) -- I've had no luck here with
> the UA-25 in "advance mode" and Pd; as you say, probably due to 24- 
> bititude.
> Do you have an ~/.asoundrc defined, and if so, what's in it?  If  
> you're
> choosing from the pd "Audio Settings" menu, grab the "UA-25 (plug-in)"
> entries, rather than one of the "hardware" entries.  Also, I've had to
> run pd with the "-rt" switch (which required getting realtime
> capabilities patches working: urgh) when using ALSA directly,  
> otherwise
> I get audio pops and eventual "tried but could not sync" errors.   
> fyi, I
> run pd here with:
> moocow at binky:~$ cat `which pd-ua25.sh`
> #!/bin/sh
> ( pd -rt -r 48000 -alsa -channels 2 -audiodev 6 "$@" & )
> ( sleep 5 ; aconnect-usb2pd.perl; jack-chrt.sh )
> ... where "aconnect-usb2pd.perl" does some magic with 'aconnect', and
> the (badly named) 'jack-chrt.sh' messes around with some scheduling
> priorities.
> Important to note:
> - pd's sample rate should probably match whatever you've chosen on  
> the ua-25
> - use alsa.
> - for me, "-audiodev 6" is the 6th entry in the drop-down list of  
> audio
> devices I get with the ua-25 plugged in (under normal circumstances),
> labelles "UA-25 (plugin)".
> good luck,
> 	Bryan
> On 2007-05-29 14:35:50, Ede Cameron <ecameron at videotron.ca> appears to
> have written:
>>    After reading on the list about Edirol UA-25 I went out and got
>> one on run on Debian. I can get sound when running in standard mode
>> or midi in advanced but can't get both. I read on the list that some-
>> one is running both midi and sound. Problem is the UA-25 seems to
>> force 24bit in advanced mode which Pd won't run at or is there a way
>> to get around this.
>>     Debian Etch
>>     Power Book 1.5
>>     Edirol UA-25?
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