[PD] Pd and Edirol UA-25

Atwood, Robert C r.atwood at imperial.ac.uk
Wed May 30 17:15:06 CEST 2007


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> run pd with the "-rt" switch (which required getting realtime
> capabilities patches working: urgh) when using ALSA directly, 
> otherwise
> I get audio pops and eventual "tried but could not sync" 
> errors.  fyi, I
> run pd here with:
> moocow at binky:~$ cat `which pd-ua25.sh`
> #!/bin/sh
> ( pd -rt -r 48000 -alsa -channels 2 -audiodev 6 "$@" & )
> ( sleep 5 ; aconnect-usb2pd.perl; jack-chrt.sh )

I don't quite follow: are you using JACK or the ALSA connection from pd?
Or you mean jack-chrt is badly named because it's not actually doing
anythign wth JACK?

 I was about to get a UA 25 so am quite interested in how this works.
With the builtin (intel HDA) I get pops when using JACK but not when I
use the ALSA output . I did not get the pops with a different
application, when using JACK, but just when using PD and JACK .. Though
I've not exhaustively tested all applciations yet. But, I really want to
get the sound stream from PD into another application and via JACK seems
like the simplest way. 

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