[PD] stand alone applications

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Thu May 31 19:28:52 CEST 2007

Miguel Cardoso hat gesagt: // Miguel Cardoso wrote:

> i don't want to get into "relic of commercial software thinking".
> Im just trying to figure out a way to run puredata on a browser as a  
> internet plugin. 

Why didn't you say so? ;) 

There are some projects regarding Pd as a browser  plugin. This is
what Google turned up:

Beware: These are not really useful for distributing general purpose
patches. For that, you need to use a real Pd executable, either use an
installed one or include a stripped down one with your patches for
Linux, OS-X and/or Windows, like Max/MSP basically does.

Which gives me an idea: Maybe we should make a minimal Pd
distribution, pd-compressed as the opposite of pd-extended, for the
major operating systems? Just a the bin-directory of a static build of
Pd, nothing else. Add a .bat or .sh file that starts this Pd and loads
MAIN.pd in the top dir: 


Maybe also include expr. 

Though, as Windows lacks so many libraries, some more stuff would need
to be included. I made such a standalone for Windows and Linux(not
static) and put it to http://footils.org/pkg/pd-app.zip, if you want
to try. It's down to 1.9MB, and was tested on Linux with Wine.  Just
run "RUN.bat" on Linux or "RUN.sh" on Linux. 

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