[PD] Turning on/off an installation

Olivier Heinry olivier.heinry at manga-burgah.net
Tue Jun 19 18:33:50 CEST 2007

Le mardi 19 juin 2007 à 09:50 -0400, Alexandre Quessy a écrit :

> Hi all,
> I was wondering if someone has an idea on how one could create a
> switch to turn on and off an installation. I was thinking about either
> a push button to turn it off, or a web interface. Maybe one of those
> two things could make Pd (or PHP) write to a file that would be parsed
> by a cron job every minute. That cron job should be owned by root in
> order to be able to halt the computer. Then, to turn it on, I guess
> one could set the bios to turn on the computer automagically when the
> power gets down and then up again... Or one could use the computer
> power button (but in this case, it is an laptop that I want to hide
> deeply...) The whole idea behind this is to avoid to suddenly turn off
> the computer, which would probably corrupt the file system at some
> point. Of course I use GNU/Linux : probably Ubuntu Server or Debian.
> Any suggestion ?

hi alex,

I lately setup a video installation using a Debian Lenny box on a
mini-PC,  that's hidden in the ceiling because of noise and visual
Of course the ACPI button is "very" difficult to reach,  Bios  has been
setup to restart after a power failure. The power cord is over 10m long
and connected to a switchable power adaptor.
Shell access is granted from the artist's laptop running windoze thanks
to Putty.
Pd is started/stopped from the command line. The box is shutdown thanks
to the magical "sudo halt" command line. 

I used to connect that machine to an UPC, but never had enough time to
have it commanded over serial port which a very good solution to both
protect your machine from data loss and have it start/stop at will.


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