[PD] pdmtl abstractions questions and comments

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Tue Jul 3 00:04:24 CEST 2007

Thomas O Fredericks hat gesagt: // Thomas O Fredericks wrote:

> >[...] Without their
> >prefix -- [list]-abs is using a dash instead of an underscore or a
> >slash, because underscores are harder to type on german keyboards and
> >because not following guidelines leads to more fun in life [...]
> Wow, talk about cheap thrills :)
> Doesn't the German keyboard have a "/" key over the number 8 on the
> numpad (that is if you are not using a laptop)?

I never use the numpad, not even for numbers, it's too far away.

> > Unless you stick to unused names only,
> >you always need to keep the prefix in the object name.
> The pdmtl abstractions REQUIRE that you keep the folder prefix. The
> prefix IS part of the abstraction's name. But this is not a problem
> because it takes as long to type list/whatever than list-whatever.
> >[...] objects like [list-abs] or [list-moses] are impossible to use
> >in Pd anyways, as [abs] and [moses] are builtins.
> I created a version of list/abs in our svn repository. It works just
> fine. I do not understand what is impossible?

I meant, it's impossible to use them *without* their prefix: Even with
something like [import list] you couldn't use [abs] when you want to
get [list/abs], because [abs] is builtin.

> >pdmtl may face a similar or worse problem when people start using
> >objects with names like [pdmtl/list/op]. Here not only help-files will be
> >broken, as the help file "list/op-help.pd" uses an object called
> >[list/op] which is unavailable unless "pdmtl" is in the path.
> >Actually all objects using [list/x]-objects are broken then!
> Once both lines are added to pd's configuration everything works
> great. Even the help files. However, creating an abstraction with
> [pdmtl/list/op] is not recommended. 

Same for [list]-abs: I wouldn't recommend to use [list-abs/list-abs],
though it works.

> The same goes for creating a [cyclone/counter]. Instancing in this
> fashion in simply too long (while you simply had to add cyclone to
> your path) and breaks compatibility with other people's
> distributions (for example people that use the cylone.pd_linux
> instead of the expanded folder or whatever it is called).

Note that you're saying here that [counter] should be called without
"namespace", while [list/abs] should be called with "namespace". Maybe
talking about "namespaces" is just confusing and talking about plain
"names" for objects or classes would be clearer. Names must not
conflict, but building your non-conflicting names can be done in
several ways. Many involve using some kind of repeating prefix.
Whether that prefix is separated with a slash or a dash doesn't matter
that much.

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