[PD] pdmtl abstractions questions and comments

Patco megalegoland at yahoo.fr
Fri Jul 6 01:27:26 CEST 2007

Hello Alex,

Alexandre Quessy a écrit :
> Now, we'll  change a few more things, and make it (finally) part of
> pd-extended. Don't hesitate to suggest a better suffix than "_" for
> the abstractions that provide a Graph-on-parent GUI, as we would like
> to change for a better one, if one exists. (maybe "$". "|", or "+",
> such as in "rgb$" or "rgb+" ?) Also, feel free to suggest some of your
> abstractions to be part of this.
Two suggestions, using a familiar prefix might help for finding the good 
kind of abs, so 'x' might be a good prefix for graphical related 
patches, but the 'interface' is not involved by the 'x' prefix so 'gui' 
could simply give informations about interfacing, and using something 
like myabs-gui like it is done for help files, and would ease even more 
the finding of the abs function through the name, and, this naming would 
also help I believe, for having a 'gui function' with right click magiks 
on a patch, almost like it is done with help files (the difference is 
that this right click option would have to appear with clicking inside 
the patch), maybe it won't be usefull,  may be it would...In fact it 
seems obvious to me that if some patch require an interface for being 
controlled, the minimum would be about providing the interface with it. 
Although it seem also obvious that one gui could control different kinds 
of dsp abstractions, so having a different gui for each dsp abs would 
not be the best choice, and make the task of interfacing (for both 
developper and user) not necessarily more complicated, but tiresome.

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