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> http://audiopint.org/
> Basically, I've had it with "laptop performances", where the interface
> just drags the performer into his/her own little world behind the
> screen. I know I'm not alone in this. I've been using my analog synth
> more and more lately, with the laptop on stage just as an auxiliary
> effects unit.

That's exactly the motivation behind the lack of screen on the Audiopint.. I
think that the performer's attention is best focused on their performance
(entailing a bodily, engaging show for the audience), not on the screen of
their laptop.

The suggested / enforced workflow of the screen-less Audiopint is that the
patch gets created beforehand, and loaded into the system. Then, when you're
at-gig, you just switch it on and it boots all the way into PD - like a
guitar pedal or any dedicated audio equipment.. but *programmable*!

-David M.

My next project should use only footswitches and theremin antennae as an
> interface, with maybe a few LEDS or a very small LCD screen for minimal
> visual feedback. No more laptop to get broken, since it will go in a
> nice sturdy flightcase, and no more screen to hide behind...

Great! I can't wait to (not) see it in action.. :)

> d.
> Kevin McCoy wrote:
> >> I'm currently shopping around for a small motherboard that I can put in
> >> a "headless" (no screen, mouse, keyboard) box as a laptop replacement
> >> for live performance.
> >
> > This sounds really interesting, but I guess I am not grasping the
> > particulars of it... how does this work for performance?  Do you do
> > all the programming beforehand and have it load a couple of patches on
> > startup that have built in spots for external control??  Would love to
> > see some vids or more pics
> >
> > K
> >
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