[PD] time stretching with pd

Patco megalegoland at yahoo.fr
Fri Jul 6 19:06:19 CEST 2007

 Hello Derek,
I've been trying your neat particle chamber patch under windows, and 
this Operating System doesn't really offer the possibility to use fully 
the patch since [grid] is only available for linux and OSX, so I've 
replaced it with [widget grid] (that needs toxy/widget and ix/grid), 
that was my hack, and since it's compatible with the three OS, I thought 
it might be a good idea to share the hack, anyway, the range nbx doesn't 
seem to do anything on the sound...so I don't what the [grid] object is 
standing for...
and thank you for sharing.
Patrice Colet.

Derek Holzer a écrit :
> Besides the FFT-based one in the PD docs which Roman mentioned, you 
> could use granular synthesis for timestretching. This is the way it is 
> done in Live, for example. My ParticleChamber abstraction might be a 
> starting place, or Frank Barknecht's synchgrain external.
> http://www.puredata.org/Members/derek/Particlechamber.zip/
> http://footils.org/pkg/syncgrain-0.2.tgz
> best,
> d.
> henrik wurster wrote:
>> hi again folks,
>> many thanks for the help offered in my last request concerning the bonk object.
>> so maybe this time I will make a complete fool of myself, but is it possible to
>> time-strech .wav files with pd (meaning changing the length but not
>> the pitch of sample?
>> knowing that it works in applications like live, I feel that this
>> can`t be a simple operation;).

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