[PD] Shader for 3d flattening

maciej wojnicki maciejwojnicki at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 8 17:56:54 CEST 2007

well no
pix_snap will not do this 
pix_snap2tex as well

in both situation raw rendered object is still in the gem window
gemframebuffer might do this (there is an exaple .in textures catalog - 10.framebuffer.pd, that does almost what i need)

gemframebuffer however plugs straight to pix_texture so i can`t any pix object on the way

i posted a question about this once on the list if gemframebuffer could be modified to allow further processing and then i was answered by chris clepper
that this task would be easier to slove with a shader


Kyle Klipowicz <kyleklip at gmail.com> wrote: Could pix_snap do this?


On 7/7/07, maciej wojnicki  wrote:
> hello list
> I have been reading the thread about the glsl shaders lately and got quite
> excitet about all the possibilities that open with this method.
> I am wondering if I could find somewhere a shader that would take some gem
> primitives and flatten them to a picture of desired size (e.g. 640x480) so
> it would then be possible to process them with pix objects.
> For example I`d like to take some rectangulars, flatten them and then use it
> as a mask for some video, combining two pictures with pix_multiply.
> Is there any shader like that?
> Anyone knows how to write it?
> Thank you in advance
> All the best.
> Maciej
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