[PD] getting things working with arduino on osx

Roman Haefeli reduzierer at yahoo.de
Sun Jul 8 19:36:24 CEST 2007

yo, ciao

one method, that is used also often in programming, is splitting one
huge problem into several smaller ones. i think that this would apply to
your problem as well.

i am starting with the sensors and going step by step to pd:

a) the arduino analog inputs expect a voltage between 0 and 5V, the
digital inputs either 0 or 5V. so make sure, that this is, what your
sensors output. if not, you must adapt the output signal of the sensors
to fit the specifications of the arduino's inputs. this can be reached
by either building a 'voltage divider' (does that term exist in
english?) consisting of two resistors or by building an amplifier with a
transistor and maybe so other parts.

b) there are several ways to pass the data from the arduino to pd. a
very convenient one is to use Pduino from hans-christoph steiner. you'll
find it here [1]. it consists of a firmware, that should be uploaded to
the board using the Arduiono IDE. the other part is the [arduino] object
for pd, which is basically a wrapper for the [comport] object. if you
are a pd-extended user, [arduino] should work out of the box.

c) if you want to use analog inputs, you need to activate them. if you
want digital inputs, you need to set the respective pins to input-mode
and you need to activate digital inputs. see the help-file of [arduino]
to see how to do all this.

d) you should see the 'tx'-led on the board blinking, as soon as the
state/voltage changes on the active inputs.

e) if you have done/checked all the above steps, you should get some
messages out of the [arduino] object, as soon as the sensors change. 

f) the rest - using the data to control some audio stuff in pd - should
be easy.

if this all still doesn't help, tell us more specifically, what you are
trying to achieve and what tutorials you have tried. 


[1] http://at.or.at/hans/pd/objects.html

On Sat, 2007-07-07 at 19:12 +0200, wout fierens wrote:
> Hi all, I'm new with pd (and Arduino).
> I've got some trouble getting things working.
> What I want to do is read input from different sensors through  
> arduino into pd.
> And than use the signal to generate audio (but that I can find out  
> myself).
> For a few hours now I've been playing around with tutorials, but  
> without an result.
> Could anyone give me some hints?
> Thanx in advance.
> Wout
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