[PD] pd-ext 39-2 rc4 (deb package) crashing with gop editing

Kevin McCoy km.takewithyou at gmail.com
Sun Jul 8 20:14:47 CEST 2007

Hi Hans,

I think that this version is crashing when I edit a patch that uses
gops, and then close the window - it asks if I want to discard the
changes, and I click yes, then it closes out pd entirely.  This only
appears to happen when the main patch involves gops - not when it's
just regular objects I think.  I don't think I noticed this with rc3 -
did you ever answer my last question (sorry if it didn't get through
to you) which was whether this debian packaged rc4 included code
updates over rc3 or whether it is rc4 by virtue of being a deb package

The package is totally sweet, it integrates so much more nicely in the
system, but I am restarting pd a lot these days because of this little
bug ;)  I am working almost exclusively with gops now.

Is there a log or a way I can maybe give you some more useful info
aside from my personal testimony?  Can anyone else verify this?



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