[PD] [pdp_qt] and [pdp_qt~ ] not recognised as objects

Yves Degoyon ydegoyon at free.fr
Mon Jul 9 12:03:57 CEST 2007

Javier García wrote:

>I have installed pdp 0.12.5 and pidip 0.12.20.
>I can create [pdp_yqt].
>Is it a problem of release? what is the latest?. Yves, why dont you mention 
>anything about the history of releases of pdp and pidip?
>Pd version 0.39.2-extended-test7/ Ubuntu Edgy/ Intel
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dunno what happens here, you can create pdp_yqt and not pdp_qt ?
( it's unclear )
maybe pdp is compiled without quicktime support
( did you install libquicktime devel  before  compiling pdp?
and, btw, did you compile it ? )

about history, there's not much to say except that it is History
and pdp/pidip are frozen since 1 year or 2,
and that Tom Schouten wrote pdp, btw, so
don't ask me...


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