[PD] how to make a proportional canon

Libero Mureddu libero.mureddu at gmail.com
Tue Jul 10 13:23:29 CEST 2007


I´m trying to implement a patch to play proportional canons in real time
from a midi source.
A proportional canon works in this way: if I play, let´s say, three notes at
200ms of speed, and if I decide that the proportion should be 2 times
slower, the patch should playback the same three notes at 400ms speed.

I thought I could record the distance between notes with timer, and then
send the time difference (multiplied by a certain factor), to pipe, but it
seems that pipe cannot handle the change of delay time, if more than one
change in delay has to be stored before playing back the previous.

Do you have any suggestion?

In other words, what I would like to do is to record and at the same time
(or later) playing back at
a slower speed.

Thanks a lot

Libero Mureddu
Vanha Viertotie, 21 as 417
00350 Helsinki
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