[PD] how to make a proportional canon

Derek Holzer derek at umatic.nl
Tue Jul 10 23:06:17 CEST 2007

Dear Libero,

The short answer is to use a $1 variable when you want to name each 
abstraction (i.e. [myabstraction numberone], [myabstraction numbertwo], 
etc...), or use a $0 variable when you want to simply make a new 
instance and not worry about naming it (multiple instances of 
[myabstraction], where $0 will be replaced by a new random number which 
is unique to each abstraction).

I can post more about it later in if you're still confused... also check 
the tutorials I gave you in Helsinki, in particular 
(apologies to the rest of the list that I haven't published these yet... 
coming soon in coordination with the PD FLOSS Manual!)


Libero Mureddu wrote:
> Hi, here is a working example of the proportional canon patch.
> Now I have the following question: if I want to make this patch an 
> abstraction, and use more instances of it, how to avoid duplications of 
> the same "send", coll, etc?
> I read the subpatch tutorial, but the mechanism is not really clear.

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