[PD] [PD-announce] Pd-0.39.2-extended-rc4 released

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Wed Jul 11 04:40:39 CEST 2007

Time for another release, I think one more rc, then it'll be done.   
Please test this heavily!  It's basically done.


Here's a summary of what's changed since 0.39.2-extended-rc3:

     * font and box size tweaks to make everything fit in the boxes
     * added ggee to default libraries to load
     * Mac OS X: added default prefs separate from embedded prefs
     * Mac OS X: updated msd/2D/3D from http://grrrr.org/ext/beta/pd/ 
     * Mac OS X and Windows: added xsample to load by default
     * Mac OS X: switched Cmd-T to fontpanel
     * Mac OS X: added Cmd-click to toggle editmode
     * GNU/Linux: added embedded prefs
     * GNU/Linux: PiDiP finds the fonts by default now
     * Debian and Ubuntu: Created quick hack debian package
     * Windows: reg settings for loading libs now in installer

Thanks all to those who have been submitted bug reports!



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